Lessona and Blessings

by Pastor Gina Russo on January 26th, 2014

Ask The Lord today what he's trying to teach you through your trial... what does he wants you to know, see or understand... What is the goal that he wants you to accomplish through this trial? What is the game plan or strategy you need to follow to navigate through this time?
This is the prayer that needs to replace the agonizing prayer of ...WHY GOD!?!? WHY ARE YOU DOING T...HIS TO ME!?!... WHERE ATE YOU!?!?!!...
Instead try this...
Lord what are you trying to teach me through this trial? Lord open my eyes to see what you want me to see ...open my ears to hear what you're trying to tell me...show me what I need to know so I can grow... Most of all Lord give me the strength to learn...
Make yourself available to be taught instead of wasting time complaining, pouting or taking a tantrum...it only prolongs the lesson...
Here is the bottom line...
You can't get the blessin untill you learn the lesson...
God Bless you
Pastor Gina

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