by Pastor Gina Russo on July 10th, 2012

I have seen MORE MIRACLES in the past 4 months OUT ON THE STREETS of NE and NYC...than I have EVER seen my entire life...not kidding. And let me just say this for those of you who don't know me... I have been saved my whole life...born of a woman who has been a lay down lover of Jesus HER whole the time I was 6... I told my mom that I would live forever because Jesus saved my soul. I have been to more conferences...prayer meetings....healing services....deliverance services...seen major demons being cast out....seen people instantly healed of terminal cancer without even being present for the prayer...and I myself was instantly healed and life spared many times.... whew.... yea... I BEEN THERE DONE THAT...

So....all that to say.... THE MIRACLES ARE IN THE STREETS GUYS!!! Get out of the pews and take a walk down your street! God will use you to SAVE A LIFE! literally...there are people out there on their way to go kill themselves...and God could put YOU in their path with a message of salvation that will save their life....GO...GO GO OUT! If you don't, God may force you like he did me this the past 24 hours...(like I havn't done enough street ministry the past few months...NO...NEVER ENOUGH!!)

I posted earlier how my car broke down yesterday...and don't have access to any other car...not by coincidence, I now see. Since yesterday....just 24 hours... I witnessed to 2 tow truck dudes....and have had to walk all over my city to get where I had to go. Along the way...COUNTLESS people talked to me as I walked and prayed every step of the way.. When people would say..."hey... whats up?" I respond..."Jesus is coming back soon"...thats whats up... the giver of life is calling you..." As I walked I was eating an apple...people remarked..."wow, you don't see that ever"... just because I was eating an I respond.."this is the fruit of the Lord...the fruit of life that has been given to us by God to eat and be healthy." God gave us life...Jesus is life.." and I continue walking...making a Holy Ghost into "deposit" every person I talk to...
God led me to sit in a little neighborhood park as I walked...didn't know why...but I went...and prayed there of thing I know... a homeless man is sitting next bench over from me..talking on the phone....I hear him talking about this awesome church he has been going to that he eats at...they feed people there...

He was trying to get a friend of his to come. Well I had realized he was talking about my sista Deborah Rushworth and her ministry...Reaching the Fringe, which was just a couple blocks from where I was. So there you have it...I knew I was there for that man. He hung up the phone...I said nothing...HE SAYS....Hi.... how are you?... lol... go I began to talk to him...told him that I heard him talking about my sister.... he was surprised to randomly run into another "church" person in the park...I didn't look like a "church" my exercise attire... lol... anyhow... we talked for like an hour... he shared many stories of how the Lord saved his life many times... and yet..he was homeless and a "drunk" as he called himself. I explained to him how the Lord told me to go sit in that park...and he said..."God sent you here for me tonight"...... !!! O.....M......G!!!

Those are the most precious words I could ever hear!! And I can never hear enough... "GOD SENT YOU HERE FOR ME"...and tears came to his eyes.... we talked some more...just about every day stuff... life experiences... etc... I did not preach to OR AT him... I just listened to him, let him know who I was and loved him as much like Jesus would as I possibly could!... THATS IT! GOD DID THE REST. I don't know who was more touched...him or me. His name is please keep brother Kenny in your prayers as God continues to bring him down the path of destiny...

I know...that his life is forever changed through the work of Gods amazing team... my sisters Deb and Connie D'Ambra, and Doug, who work tirelessly... endlessly to feed and love Gods children...and then to just send me in there to add some fuel to that fire... nothing short of AMAZING. See here is the thing about UNITY my Christian friends.... there is NOTHING GREATER than when we come together for the GREATER PURPOSE... to help expand the Kingdom of God! Not to put on the biggest bestest conference...not to have the biggest most up to date church building... not to have the most advertised healings and dramatic stories coming from our pulpets... or to sell tons of books and teachings....NO!! Not even about the GOLD DUST!!!!!!!!!!! sorry...Its about coming together as a MIGHTY ARMY OF HEAVEN to SAVE's about telling a desperate hopeless person that THERE IS HOPE! That there is someone that loves them so much HE DIED FOR THEM! MY God people!!!! If you have ever seen the look on someones face when they realize that God actually does love have HIT THE LOTTERY MY FRIEND! I personally can't get enough of that!

What happened tonight is a classic case of TAG TEAMING THE CITY!!!! lol... See when you are truly united with your sisters and brothers in ministry....and NOT COMPETING... you don't have to do big "things" together.... lol... you don't even have to see eachother ofteN... but the unified spirits working together in a targeted area....MOVE MOUNTAINS!!! I was so honored to be a part of a great work the Lord is doing in this one soul that my sisters have already sown into... just an amazing example of how unity can change a city....even if it is one life at a time... there are enough of us that this should spread life wildfire!

and while I was sitting in the park being used by God...Deb and Doug were down town feeding more homeless people!!!! TAG TEAM AT ITS BEST!!

So blessed to have such amazing sisters and brothers in my life! Thank you Deb, Doug, Connie and all the dedicated warriors in this city!!! God is about to BUST A MOVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE HERE IN PROVIDENCE....IN RI!!!! WOO HOO!

Gina Russo

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