East Coast Core Team

Broken Chains Ministries East Coast headquarters is located @ Oasis of Grace 464 Silver Spring Street, Providence, RI 02904
Pastors Carl and Lucille Russo
Pastors Carl and Lucille are the parents of BCM's founder, Pastor Gina Russo. They have been serving the Lord and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 40 years. They started Oasis of Grace Church 20 years ago, and are BCM's home base on the East Coast.

About us:
Our greatest desire is to fulfill the challenge of Christ and His Great Commission to share His love with others. To care for those lowly and those in need to truly be an "Oasis".

Our doors are open to people of all backgrounds. Regardless of your need, we stand with open arms to assist you in finding answers to your problems.

Through the study of God’s Word, worship and the experience of our Lord, we provide an opportunity for others to join us as we grow in Christ.

Reaching out and helping others gives us the opportunity to make our homes, communities and the world a better place to live, work and raise our children.

“The only one missing here is YOU.”

464 Silver Spring St, Prov, RI 02904
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Pastor Annie Dattoli

Pastor Annie is an Ordained Minister and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors helping those in need for over 33 years. Over the years she had designed and founded many programs and worked with community outreach services, Specialized Foster care programs and Foster Parent Mentoring.

Pastor Annie has over 20 years of training in trauma abuse and treatment of victims and the affect of how trauma changes the dynamics of the families we live in.

She was the founder and Executive Administrator of Got Grace Ministries a non profit mentoring program, a director/coordinator of Emergency family services and homeless ministries.

Pastor Annie was a life skills educator for Dream Again ministries and for Run for freedom, putting an end to human trafficking.

As a motivational speaker Pastor Annie encourages women to identify the wounds of the past that have effected their present relationships and shows how understanding the word of God and the message of grace can lead all of us in a more fulfilling life in Christ.

As a victim of sexual abuse, rape and someone who has felt the affects of abandonment and rejection she has experienced the amazing grace of a Savior who wants to heal and show us how to live free from fear and how we can all live with power, love and sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

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Pastor Catherine Brousseau
Director of Operations

Her life’s mission is to reach the lost and broken; the abused and addicted. She is in the businessof taking the “lowly” and training them up to be lovely.

Pastor Catherine is a graduate of Lee Bible College with a degree in Pastoral and biblical studies. Throughout her 25 years as an ordained Minister, Pastor Catherine has served as a Senior Pastor; working with abused and addicted victims in areas like codependency education, and pattern changing skills.

As of 2001 Pastor Catherine began working in substance abuse. She is a licensed Advanced Chemical Dependency professional (ACDP) as well as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional (LCDP). She also holds a RCS; a Recognized Clinical Supervisors Certificate.

In 2008 Pastor Catherine became the Executive Director of the Providence Metro Treatment Center. In July of 2014, PMTC was sold to a new owner, at which time Pastor Catherine was hired as the Director of Clinical Services.

Pastor Catherine currently sits on the Pastoral Board of Lighthouse Christian Church, and is the Director of Operations of Broken Chains Ministries recovery and restoration program.

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