Testimony of how I overcame

Look at this picture,  I found this as I randomly flipped through my Bible...
I've had this Bible for about 13 years...
This scripture was highlighted in April 2004 when I was going through one of the DARKEST hours in my life...
That dark hour lasted about six or seven YEARS AFTER I highlighted this scripture... And got worse instead of better during those years... I wanted desperately to end it and tried several times to kill myself... but the Lord wouldn't let it happen, He kept me until the time of my redemption was ready.
I constantly cried out to the Lord and stood on this scripture and others.
Finally the day came where I was set free and delivered...healed and restored. I was also able to forgive myself for all the harm and destruction and hurt I caused myself and my family during that time, as well as those who hurt me unimaginably.
As I look back I wouldn't change a thing.  God used those years to mold me and teach me, refine and prepare me to be who I am today, and who he calls me to be in the future.  
Friends don't EVER give up... EVER.
Let this story be of encouragement to you today. DO NOT give up! Continue to pray and cry out to the Lord and TRUST Him.  Stand on His foundation, the solid rock of the LIVING WORD,  the promises of the LIVING GOD who LOVES you more than anything and is FAITHFUL to you and will NEVER  leave you or forsake u...ever!

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