Hidden Blessings

So many blessings right under our noses and for some reason we don't always see them. Most blessings do not appear to be blessings, they appear to be just the opposite. HUH... it is a hard concept to grasp, but the key to this "technique" that God uses, is that we remain in TOTAL FAITH and TRUST in Him no matter what the circumstances look like. Trying to see things through the eyes of God ( from a spiritual perspective) will help us understand the things we go through. We have to look past what seems to be the Obvious, the tangible, what is in front of our faces, and look at the circumstances through Gods eyes. You will be shocked what you see. You will see what is really going on. Trusting in Him means HE ALWAYS HAS YOUR BACK, no matter what. Seems so cliche' , but it is just plain fact. Trusting in Him means that every single thing that happens has a profound purpose, and all things truly ARE working together for the Glory of God, and the for greatest fulfillment in our lives!

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