Millions of people watch as I aired my and my now husband’s dirty laundry on national TV last August, on the Dr. Phil show. The show was appropriately titled “Beauty and The Boxer” as my husband Brian “The Bull” Barbosa is a former 2 x Interim world champion fighter. Putting our lives out there like that was not something I looked forward to doing, but it had to be done, my husband’s life was on the line.  What we found out thanks to Dr. Phil, what that my husband was suffering from a serious brain injury (TBI) and that was the fire fueling all his other symptoms; ADHD, PTST, Learning disability and substance abuse. While it was devastating to see the magnitude of damage, we were relieved to hear there was a solution, there was a treatment that could repair his brain. Brian underwent 30 TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) treatments in August of 2022 and his brain has been restoring itself ever since. While Brian is still in his full circle recovery and addressing his other issues, he is doing amazing! He is well on his way to becoming a brand new man.

We share this testimony in effort to help others who may be suffering from similar issues, especially TBI (traumatic brain injury) as it can be excruciating to live with and tremendously affects those around you. TBI very much so mirrors narcissistic characteristics and very often is linked with anger issues and addiction.  So many people go undiagnosed because of this, so offer our experience as a means of mentoring, guidance and advocacy. If you or anyone you know is suffering form any of the symptoms mentioned here, please reach out to us on the contact section on the home page of this website.