Gina Russo Barbosa may be best known for her appearance on the TV program Dr. Phil where she appeared with her husband, Brian “The Bull” Barbosa, a former Interim World Champion boxer. In the segment titled “Beauty and The Boxer”, Gina brought Brian’s heartbreaking story of brain injury, trauma, and addiction to the world in an attempt to get him the help he’s so desperately needed. Gina was able to accomplish this because she was no stranger to addiction and narcissistic behavior.

Broken Chains is Beauty and The Boxer’s back story. It’s Gina’s story of domestic violence, addiction; Trauma and PTSD. It's the unveiling of the downfall of a naïve Pastor’s daughter. From teen pregnancy to prison; prostitution, and psych wards. Near fatal attacks and attempted suicide. It’s all the things she learned in life that gave her the ability to finally tame, “The Bull”.

It’s everything you didn’t see in the Dr. Phil episode; The before, the after, and where they are now. It is jam packed with a roller coaster ride of evil acts and mind-blowing miracles.

Today, as an ordained Minister, Chaplain, recovery coach, Founder of Broken Chains Ministries, Gina travels the country sharing her inspirational story and working to help those who suffer from these afflictions in their own lives.

The testimony of Broken Chains Ministries founder, Pastor Gina Russo is one of abuse, heart break, and addiciton just to name a few. Her triumphant victory through the saving power of Jesus Christ has inspired her to launch BCM. She is the epitome of the promise, "Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ..." 2nd Cor. 2:14 Welcome to Broken Chains Ministries.
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In 2015 Broken Chains Ministries was honored for our efforts. We received 2 awards for our community outreach. One for our overall efforts, and one for our outreach team leader. We were the first organization to receive BOTH awards. What an honor! God is good!

Her story has been seen on television, brodcast on the radio, and read by thousands via the internet and media. Gina's testimony is one that will lead many out of the darkness of sin, addiction and abuse to the saving Power of Jesus Christ. To invite Gina to your church, homeless shelter, drug rehab, youth group or event EMAIL TODAY