BCM West Coast

BCM West Coast is working hard every day to combat the epidemic of homelessness, addiction, abuse and crime. Our main focus for now is women and children. We are working with many women on a daily basis to get them and keep them safe, detoxed, fed, reunited with their children, etc.

Our West Coast leader:


Brendalee knows firsthand the cycle of abuse and addiction. As a survivor herself, she is well equipped to help others. Being the sister of a Pastor, there were many prayers said for her over the years. In March 2013, those prayers were answered when Brendalee was dramatically saved and delivered from the grips of addiction. Her deliverance was so miraculous, not only was she reunited with her children, but she began to work with her brother Pastor Joey Melendrez and his wife Katheryn in BCM almost IMMEDIATELY.

Since then she has been working non stop to assist those women still "out there". She is compelled and driven with the Fire of the Holy Spirit that saved her, and constantly puts her work before her own needs. Her dedication is compromised.
To Reach Brendalee call 951-710-4522 or email her bfernandez@brokenchainsmin.com

We bring food to the homeless that live in "tent cities" located off the "beat and path" where nobody knows they're there. We were miraculously led there by the Hand of God. What a "find"! There were MANY people living here in with no food, no plumbing, and no hope. We were able to gain the trust of those that lived there and brought them food along with a message of Hope through Faith in Jesus Christ on a weekly basis. We were also able to get some of the broken, hurting women out of there, and well on their way to a better life.

With your support we are able to help these women and children living is sober homes. We are able to go and minister to them, pray with them, bring toys for their children, and do what ever we can to keep them on the path to a better life through Jesus. We are there every week with a message of hope and inspiration from the Lord. Many lives have been touched greately through this sober living ministry.
BCM's "poster child". "Alli" was one of the first girls we rescued not only from an abusive relationship, but also from the homeless camp. Her 10 week old baby had just been taken from her and she was strung out on drugs. We got her under our wing, she followed all our guidence, and in just 10 months, she not only was clean and sober, living in her own apartment away from the abuser, but she got her son back! Her social workers were SHOCKED at her speedy recovery. This transformation is just another example of how quickly God is moving in BCM. You can read Alli's full testimony on our testimony page.